Some Notes on NOT following through

7 Aug

No one is perfect. Especially not me, even though I work really hard to try and be ‘perfect’. Except this line of thinking gives you permission to give up on awesome projects after one little eff up. Like this blog for example; I write all over the web for everyone else about pretty much everything imaginable, but I rarely follow through with contributing to this blog, which is purely mine and purely for my entertainment.

Not that I don’t care if you read it, but this is for me and for my friends and for the cool stuff I post about.

Enough with how blogging ‘should’ be done- I’m getting back in this saddle and will continue to write 8 month hiatus and lack of a concise foundation or not! The goal is to post once/day (or catch up on posts after a trip or something, but with at least one post per day) for the next month. And then we’ll see what continues.

FTR, I sort of gave up on designing my own template. Very frustrating, not very creatively rewarding, and definitely cramping my writing style on here.

Of course, if anyone has any advice they want to share (gently please!), I’m all ears/eyes.

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