Wordless Chorus- Rocky Mountain High

7 Aug

I bought the ticket, I took the ride. Despite being broke and unable to pay my bills as is it, I decided to buy a plane ticket to Colorado last week to go stay with a phriend I had never actually met in person. Risky? Yes. Irresponsible? Probably. Necessary? More than even I knew at the time.

So, one of my dear twitter phish twibe friends offered up a front row ticket to My Morning Jacket at Red Rocks Amphitheatre. This was months ago; I was blown away and felt oh so lucky, but never really thought it would materialize. Well, I started stalking plane tickets over a month ago, but the finances just weren’t lining up for me. But I couldn’t stop thinking about it. Not that I’d have a killer ticket to one of my favorite bands, but the uncomfortableness of it all. But that sick, sweet fun of dangling by a thread and somehow having it all work out. That’s addictive, but the uncertainty and the anxiety that goes along with it might wipe you out entirely. Then of course, there was the venue. The last time I was in Colorado (for String Cheese Incident and a good friend’s birthday in 2010), it was magical and the trip was off to a rough start, but that was the most amazing summer. And I did NOT WANT to leave those mountains.

So I bought a ticket, made some phone calls, and got on a plane. I landed, and Suz came to pick me up. I had no clue what she might look like, or what I might be in for. Sometimes its nice not to have any preconceived notions because you are forced to go in with an open heart. My heart was open as I climbed into her car. I felt fine; I felt okay; I felt safe. This wonderful woman was opening her home, her extra ticket, and herself to me. As bad as the bad days can be. I am eternally lucky for encountering even one being like this. A spiritual mentor that isn’t perfect, but who is amazing and graceful. I can see lots of myself in her.

The first night and day, everything is tentative. Almost like going on a first date or the first few days of living with a roommate in your freshman dormroom. But then you find so much common ground that it seems like you’ve known each other your entire lives. It was nice that she didn’t have any preconceived notions about me either. Because lately I feel like the adjectives I’d be most likely to attach to my own being are not exactly high vibrating. . . in my opinion, I’m not the ‘joy to be around’ I used to be. But I could be wrong. No one said otherwise and I felt so much joy.

Particularly when frontman Yim Yames/Jim James/Killer awesome rockstar took the stage only feet from where we were sitting. I hugged her and she hugged me- someone that shares my excitement:) The entire show, we were both rapt. The wind played into the synchronicity of events, blowing the light rigs around, along with the bands’ hair as well as our own wild woman mops. So Wonderful. Afterwards, in the parking lot, we could only sit in silence- the silence deafening- and collect ourselves. I’ve not felt this alive or ‘okay’ in well over a year.

Rent, bills, depression be damned! This trip was more than worth it. If only for that moment when the wind blew, the guitars vibrated, and everyone led with their heart.

I am eternally grateful to those that open their hearts and homes to others without question. Sometimes I get upset because my heart is too open and gets hurt, but all of the hurt is worth it if only to have reciprocity this one time and to have the hope of another brush with it. You can always buy a new home, but you can’t buy love or blind faith.

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